Eero and Hannu 75, on the Roots of Humanism – programme

Syros Academy, Oct. 5-8, 2023, Ermoupolis, Cultural Centre, Ritsos Hall
(in front of the Apollo Theatre)
Chairs Eero Tarasti, Hannu Riikonen, Altti Kuusamo
Assistants Paul Forsell ( & Aleksi Haukka (

Wednesday Oct 4, arrival

Thursday Oct 5

14–19 Opening
Music: Chopin – Polonaise in B flat major (Eila Tarasti, piano)

♦Hannu Riikonen: Tuntemani Eero; Eero Tarasti: Tuntemani Hannu; Altti Kuusamo:
Tuntemani Eero ja Hannu (Eero by Hannu, Hannu by Eero, Eero and Hannu by Altti)

♦Altti Kuusamo, Turku/Helsinki:
Veritas filia temporis (Truth is the daughter of time) revealed by the History of Art

– coffee –

♦Mikko Metsälampi, Helsinki University: Wagner as a semiotic composer
• Wagner – Wesendonck lieder: Schmerzen, Träume (Jaani Helander, cello, Eila Tarasti, piano)
• ”Souvenirs de Paris I”: Ernest Chausson: Piano Quartet in A major, Op. 30 (Mikael Stoor, violin,
Alexander Pozdniakovas, alto, Jaani Helander, cello, Eero Tarasti, piano)
• ”Souvenirs d’Ukraine”: Reinhold Glière – 8 Duetts for violin, piano & cello, Op. 39
(Mikael Stoor, violin, Jaani Helander, cello)

Friday Oct 6
Music, ”Souvenirs de Paris II”
• Reynaldo Hahn – Quartet No. 3 in G Major (Stoor, Pozdniakovas, Helander, Tarasti)
Lectures, ”Varieties of cultures”
♦Kalliopi Stigka, Athens: Henri Tomasi et Mikis Theodorakis: deux Grands Humanistes du XXe siècle.
♦Lasse Lehtonen, University of Helsinki:
Sibelius and Postcolonialist Musicology: Observations on Japan since 25 Years
♦Athanasios Votsis, (Netherlands, University of Twente): For a civilisational semiotics
Music, ”Souvenirs du Brésil”
• Heitor Villa-Lobos – Piano Trio No. 1, first two movements (Stoor, Helander, Tarasti)

13-15 lunch

Music, ”Moment romantique”
• Liszt – Consolation; Gnomenreigen (Eila Tarasti, piano)
Lectures, ”Social affairs”
♦Lauri Tarasti, Minister, Helsinki: Manipulation in sports
♦Harriet Lonka, Helsinki (speaker) and Aki-Mauri Huhtinen (Military professor at the Finnish National Defense University: Humanism in the Legislation

– coffee –

♦Nicola Zengiaro, Bologna University:
Existential intertextuality: a biosemiotic approach to the relationship of the living
♦Dina Babushkina, the Netherlands, University of Twente:
Human Signs, Machine Signs, and the Semiotics of Artificial Intelligence
♦Panu Heimonen, University of Helsinki: Renewing the conceptual basis of dialogue:
communication and the double-interpretation of anaphora in an existential semiotic perspective

Saturday Oct 7

Music, ”Souvenirs de la Finlande”
• Sibelius: Le sapin (The Spruce); Carl Hirn: Trois miniatures, Op. 60 (Eila Tarasti, piano)
♦Aleksi Haukka, University of Helsinki: Humanism in the Book of Job
Peter Salvucci, Istanbul University: Multistability and Complex Isotopy in Makam Analysis: the Link between Cognition and Semiotics in the Aesthetics of Classical Turkish Music
♦Christian Vassilev, Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Music:
Methodological Foundations of Eero Tarasti’s Musical Semiotics

lunch 13-15

15-18 Lectures
♦Eila Tarasti, Helsinki: Helvi Leiviskä, the Finnish symphonist; Leiviskä: Sonatine
♦Ville Aamurusko, University of Helsinki:
Lyhyt johdatus bruckneriaanisiin piirteisiin Einojuhani Rautavaaran kolmannessa sinfoniassa
(Short introduction to the Brucknerian features in E. Rautavaara’s Third Symphony)
♦Hannu Riikonen: Kolme humanistia (Three Humanists): Johan Huizinga, Erich Auerbach, Arthur Långfors”
♦Eero Tarasti: Musical metaphors and epistemes – the emergence of classical style during Maria
Teresia, the Empress of Austria

Sunday Oct 8, noon
Excursion to the village Kinni, swimming, lunch; meeting in front of the Municipality of Ermoupolis, main building, transportation by taxi (5 km)

Monday Oct 9, departure