Myths, Music and Arts – programme of the 4th Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritages


May 10-13, 2023 Syros, Ermoupolis, Cultural Center, Ritsos hall.

chair Prof. Eero Tarasti

assistants: Aleksi Haukka; Lazaros Papoutsis; Paul Forsell


May 10, Wednesday

10-12 a.m.

Sibelius, Romance, Elias Nyman, violin

Opening: Eero Tarasti

Philosophy and general aspects

Jukka Meurman (Helsinki): Can Medicine Help artists – Myths and Realities

Altti Kuusamo (Turku): Ambiguities of Pictorial Time

Malgorzata Grajter (Lodz): From Mythical Translation to Transduction: Reinterpretations of the Myth of Medea in the Light of Translation Theory

12-14 lunch

14-18 Richard Wagner

Eero Lasorla, tenor, Eila Tarasti piano. R. Wagner, Three Wesendonck songs: Im Treibhaus, Schmerzen, Träume

Hannu Riikonen (Helsinki): Greece, Germany and Richard Wagner

Mikko Metsälampi (Helsinki): Richard Wagner as a Semiotic Composer

Eero Tarasti (Helsinki): Myth, Music and Wagner


May 11, Thursday

10-12 Existentiality

Roberto Mastroianni (Turin): Existentiality in Visual Arts

Aleksi Haukka (Helsinki): Existential Semiotic Methodology of Art Criticism. A Proposal for Three Species

Mikko Ketovuori (Turku): How Social Mood Affects Society

12-14 lunch

14-18 Myths … and Music

Rahilya Geybullaeva (Baku): Behind the Myth or on Some Toponyms

Ulkar Yusifova (Baku): The Mythical Place in Azerbaidjani Tales

Despina Gialazi (Thessaloniki): La descente de Psyché aux enfers. Isotopies, intersémiotiques entre la litérature et peinture

Peter Salvucci (Istanbul): The Integration of Semiotic Squares within a Generative Theory of Makam Music


May 12, Friday

10-12 Culture

Ricardo de Castro Monteiro (Cariri, Brazil): Semiotics as a Tool to the Reading of Social Representations in Oral and Syncretic Traditional Cultural Manifestations

Pauli Mäkelä (Helsinki): Napoleon and The Myth of Rome

12-14 lunch

14-17 Visual arts

Alexandros Lagopoulos (Athens): Pictorial Semiotics: A Christian Dogma Hidden in a Byzantine Mosaic

Karin Boklund Lagopoulos (Athens): Pictorial Semiotics: Christian Mythology in Two Paintings of the Flemish School

18-20 concert in ApolloTheater


May 13, Saturday

10-13 Music II

Lauri Rantamoijanen, cello. Reynaldo Hahn: Si mes vers avaient des ailes…

Joan Grimalt (Barcelona): A Hellenophile Beethoven: “The Creatures of Prometheusop.43

Malgorzata Gamrat (Ljublin): Myth of Wandering Jew: Berangère – Liszt – Doré).


lunch and swimming at the Aegean sea, in the Kinni village

closure of the symposium