2nd Syros seminar, Oct 2-6, 2018-09-17 Ermoupolis



2nd Syros seminar, Oct 2-6, 2018-09-17 Ermoupolis, Municipality, Cultural Centre, Ritsos Hall and Apollo Theatre
Academy of Cultural Heritages; chair: Eero Tarasti; assistants: Lazaros Papoutsis (Florina); Paul Forsell (Helsinki)

Tuesday Oct 2 Ritsos Hall

10-13 Opening. Introductory lectures by
Altti Kuusamo (Turku): Approaches to Visual Semiotics
Alexandros Lagopoulos (Athens): Basic Concepts of Semiotics and Culture

13-15 Lunch

Hannu Riikonen (Helsinki): The Twentieth Century Open Air Performances of Greek Tragedies in Greece and Italy
Eero Tarasti (Helsinki) together with Helsinki Music Society pianoquartet: Introduction to Musical Semiotics; Music in the Interrelationships of Arts, examples from works of La Belle époque (Chausson, Hahn)

Wednesday Oct 3 Ritsos Hall

Karin Boklund-Lagopoulos (Athens): Greimasian narratology and Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
Hannu Riikonen: Eero Tarasti and the Art of Letter-Writing.

13-15 lunch

Grisell McDonel (Helsinki): Virtuosity, Creativity, and the Aesthetics of Werktreue in the case of Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889)
Katarzyna Machtyl (Poznan): The Constant exchange, translations and explosions. The late Yuri Lotman concept of intercultural communication
Eva Schreiber (Poznan): Musical canon, multicanon, and the idea of cultural translation
K Guczalski (Cracow): Renaissance perspective – cultural transfer from Ost to West

19-21 Concert at Apollo Theater

Laura Pyrrö soprano, Eila Tarasti piano; songs by Sibelius, Wagner, Hahn, Puccini, Tarasti

Helsinki University Piano Quartet: Mikael Stoor (Kuopio Symphony orchestra), violin, Mikko Metsälampi (Sibelius Academy), viola, Jaani Helander (Helsinki Philharmonia), cello, and Eero Tarasti, piano; parts from piano quartets by Chausson, Hahn and Fauré

Thursday Oct 4

excursion to Delos (archaeological island, antique monuments commented by profs. Riikonen and Kuusamo) or, if bad wheather, excursions on Syros Island, lunch and swimming at Kinni village (8 km from Ermoupolis)

Friday Oct 5 Ritsos Hall

invited special lecture by Jukka Meurman (Helsinki): Ethics of Medical Science

Papers by
Sari Helkala-Koivisto (Helsinki): Music, Aesthetic Experience and the Second Nature of Good Childhood - Pre-signs of Childhood Semiotics
Sayantan Dasgupta (Calcutta): James Joyce’s Araby - An Existential Semiotic approach
Reijo Mälkiä (Helsinki): Destruction of cultural heritages: the case of Jerusalem in the light of Jeremiah's prophecies - - a common metalevel model for Jeremiah's different crush protocols

lunch 13-15

Ilmar Taimre (Brisbane): Overview of an Interpretive Model for Conceptual music
Panu Heimonen (Helsinki): Search for the origin of competition: Benevolence, Self-Interest and Price in Mozart’s Piano Concertos KV 453, 467, 482 and 456
Antti Vihinen (Hämeenlinna): Did Sibelius have a Mahler Crisis?
Jimena Biga-Iltanen (Helsinki): Modern migration and perception of the past in a foreign country

Saturday Oct 6 Ritsos Hall

papers by Greek students
Lecture by Hannu Riikonen (Helsinki): O. E. Tudeer and his Book about Greece in the Age of the Persian Wars.

13-15 Lunch

Altti Kuusamo (Turku): The Representation of the Antique Tale and Its Doubles. Ovidius – Orfeus – Arachne – Ekphrasis
Eero Tarasti (Helsinki): Existential Semiotics – State of the Art

Closure, discussion, plans for the future