Tentative programme of the Opening Seminar

cademy of Cultural Heritage


Tentative programme of the Opening Seminar

Syros/Athens, Greece Oct 2- 9, 2017


Director: Professor Eero Tarasti (Helsinki), eero.tarasti@helsinki.fi

Assistants: Lazaros Papoutzis (Florina) sfinas3@gmail.com; Paul Forsell (Helsinki), paul.forsell@helsinki.fi


Monday Oct 2nd: arrival by ferry boat at Syros from Piraeus, leaving at 7 p.m. arriving around 10.30 p.m.


Tuesday Oct 3rd, Seminar, participants’ papers, Ritsos Hall, Municipality of Ermoupolis

9 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Welcoming and Opening words by the Director of the Academy, Prof. EeroTarasti (Helsinki)

General discussion on the topics and programme of the seminar, working methodology and orientation

Eero Tarasti: The Greek philosophical sources in existential semiotics

12 a.m. – 2 p.m. lunch

Afternoon (2. p.m.- 5 p.m.):

Delegation from the University of Helsinki:

Mikko Metsälampi: The ship of Theseus and the ontology of an artwork

David Forsman: Music and Meditation

Aleksi Haukka: The Spanish composer Fernando Sor – an existential-semiotic analysis

Kim Keskiivari: The Structures of the Transcendental Acts in Existential Semiotics and the Ethical Implications for Cultural Heritage

Delegation from the University of Western Macedonia:

Dr. Ifigeneia Vamvakidou: Teaching cultural heritage through postgraduate lessons

Lazaros Papoutzis: Semiotics of the Olympic Spirit

Evangelia Svirou: Elias Vyzantis (1910-1980), his contribution in local cultural history

Tatiana Altini: Vlassis Kaniaris’ installations during the Greek post-dictatorship period

5 p.m. Musical Event at Apollo Theater

Conference-recital by Eila Tarasti according to her just appeared book on the Finnish woman composer Helvi Leiviskä (1902–1982),

Clarinet solo by Daniel Rohe

Guitar compositions by Fernando Sor and Heitor Villa-Lobos, played by Aleksi Haukka

Brazilian music, the notion of ‘saudade’, speech by Son Melo, and pieces by Ernest Nazareth and Heitor Villa-Lobos, at the piano Eero Tarasti

8 p.m. Dinner


Wednesday Oct 4, Excursion to the Delos island [Depending on weather conditions]


10 a.m. Participants’ papers:

Dimash Suleimin (Almaty): On the epistemic foundations of Kazak culture;

Daniel Rohe (Brasilia): Psychoanalysis and existential semiotics; others to be announced

Visits to sights in Hermoupolis: City hall, Miaouli Square, Tarsanas, Carnagio, Industrial Museum of Syros, Municipality library, St. Nicholas Church, Teloniou Square and others.


Thursday Oct 5

morning: continuing the seminar (place to be announced)

4 p.m. return to Piraeus by ferry boat leaving Syros

taking hotels in Athens


Friday Oct 6: “The Greek Miracle”, lectures by specialists

Finnish Institute, Athens, Zitrou 16, tel. +30 21 0922 1152

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Greeting by the Embassador of Finland, Mr. Juha Pyykkö

Prof. Alexandros Lagopoulos (Athens): Ancient Greek Semiotic System

Dr. Nikolaos-Ion Terzoglou (Athens): The Idea of the Monument in the Age of the Enlightenment: Towards a Conceptual Genealogy of Cultural Heritage

Prof. Altti Kuusamo (Turku, Finland): The Powerful Continuity of Images: Tykhe (Fortuna) and Nike (Victoria) in the European Visual Scene – From the Ancient Greece to the Present Day

Prof. Demetre Yannou (Athens): Music in Ancient Greece

Dr. Samuli Salmi (Helsinki): The Medicine of Antiquity

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. lunch

3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Prof. Karin Boklund-Lagopoulos (Athens): The Ancient Greek Cultural Heritage in European Literature”

Prof. Pirjo Kukkonen (Helsinki): Göran Schildt (1917–2009) and his Odyssey with Daphne in the Mediterranean

Dr. Ivo Velinov (Sofia): Reading Plato’s Republic, shaping cultural heritage in parallel worlds

Drs. Svetlana and Markku Toivakka (Helsinki): Renovation of Helsinki’s church village Parsonage

Dr. Kalliope Stiga (Athens): Mikis Theodorakis

8 p.m. dinner at a restaurant close to the Finnish Institute (place to be announced later)


Saturday Oct 7, Finnish Institute: Participants Papers and projects

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Prof. Jean-Claude Mbarga (Yaoundee, Cameroun): Conspectus of the coordination of projects on cultural heritages in the continent of Africa

Prof. Zeynep Onur (Alanya Univ. Turkey): Semiotics of the Greek Miracle in Alanya

Prof. Rahilya Geybullaeva (Baku Slavic Univ. Azerbaidjan, and her colleagues): Ancient Mythological Thought in Azeri Culture and its Greek Origins

Prof. Bella Musaeva (Baku): The Incarnation of Plots of Ancient Greek Tragedies on the Azerbaijan Scene

Rahila Kuliyeva Huseyn (Baku): Modification of Greek Myth in Stories “Haron, charitable Haron” and “Choice of Paris” by Kamal Abdulla

Prof. Kristian Bankov (Sofia): Aristotle on money. The Greek mind and the invention of the coin

Tuukka Brunila (Helsinki): Socratic Irony as Education

Dr. Deniz Özden (Istanbul): A bronze statuette playing a trumpet – an ethnomusicological analysis

Zoi Konna (Greece):  The Meteora: views on cultural heritage of UNESCO.


Sunday, Oct 8, Visits to the Antiquities and Museums in Athens


Monday Oct 9 Home return